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H.B.3 Becomes National Model in Fight Against ESG: Protects Taxpayers from Woke Investments AND Bans Big Retail Banks from Discriminating Against Legal Businesses

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Contact: Ed Patru
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Washington (May 2, 2023) – Stop Woke Banks, a coalition representing law-abiding businesses impacted by pervasive retail banking discrimination by the Big Banks, today called Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the national leader in the fight to protect Americans from corporate social and political activism in the financial sector, after he signed into law the nation’s toughest, most comprehensive anti-ESG legislation.

“Governor DeSantis has shown the nation how to protect law-abiding citizens from the unfair and abusive business practices of powerful corporations and Big Banks,” said Stop Woke Banks Chairman Josh Mandel. “For years, corporate officers at major financial institutions have been colluding with Left-wing activists to choke off access to capital and banking services against law-abiding business, and until now, they’ve been able to do so without any financial or legal repercussions.”

House Bill 3 is predicated on the understanding that ESG policies are just as pernicious in retail banking as they are in asset management. Big Banks have increasingly used their enormous powers to derail domestic energy production, infringe on Constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights, undermine the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws, and even cancel customers for their religious beliefs.

“We want to thank not only Governor DeSantis, but also Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, House Speaker Paul Renner, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, state Representative Bob Rommel, and state Senator Erin Grall for their tireless efforts to protect Floridians from corporate power run amok,” added Mandel. “House Bill 3 is the national model in the fight to protect taxpayers and businesses from the abusive practices of woke banks.”