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by Liam Hobbs

(Indianapolis, IN) – Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is going after banks that may be bending the law to push a far-left, woke agenda.

Indiana has joined 19 other states in serving investigative paperwork to six major U.S. banks. Rokita says the banks, in conjunction with the United Nations’ Net-Zero Banking Alliance, are colluding to put the squeeze on companies that specialize in or rely on fossil fuels.

Rokita and others allege that the banks, which include Bank of America; Citigroup; Goldman Sachs; JP Morgan Chase; Morgan Stanley; and Wells Fargo, are using financial leverage to punish energy sectors on which most consumers greatly rely, while pushing an environmentalist agenda.

“This new woke-ism in the financial sector poses a real threat to everyday Hoosiers,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Indiana’s farmers, truck drivers, and fuel-industry workers are hurt when the radical Left attacks whole segments of our economy. And it’s troubling that these banks in the Net-Zero Banking Alliance are taking marching orders from UN globalists all-too-eager to undermine America’s best interests.”

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